Life Insurance for Established Families

Your established family is growing up with kids in high school and even heading to college. You’re making more money, but now you don’t have as much time to recover from serious financial setbacks. Is your insurance coverage up to date to protect your family?

Real Life Example: Bill had always been healthy, but was given an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Watch Bill’s story of how his insurance planning set up with wife and three daughters before it was too late! 

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Don't overestimate the cost of insurance - Garda InsuranceDid you know that a recent survey showed that 86% say they haven’t bought life insurance because it’s too expensive, yet overestimate its true cost by more than double? This brings up some questions:

  • Do you have insurance?
  • Do you have enough insurance?
  • Do you know which insurances are best for your life situation?
  • When was the last time you reviewed your insurances to see if they would protect your family’s way of life? 
  • What would happen to your family if you passed away suddenly?
  • If your kids are in college, would they have to drop out?
  • Would your wife be able to keep the house you live in?
  • Would your family have enough income to survive?

No one likes to think about these types of questions, but the best way to have peace of mind is to review your current coverage to make sure it would protect your family’s lifestyle.

Our agents at Garda Insurance specialize in reviewing your current coverage to help you understand what you actually have and then help create a custom plan on how to protect your family based on your current lifestyle.

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Life Insurance Needs Calculator

Take 2 minutes to use this calculator to find out an estimate of how much life insurance you need. We recommend talking with one of our qualified agents to learn more.

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Schedule Your Life Insurance Consultation Today!