Ryan O’Shea

Insurance Agent: Life Insurance and Disability Insurance

Ryan O'Shea - Garda InsuranceRyan has run a financial planning firm since 2008. In addition to working with couples and individuals, Ryan’s knowledge of small business operations allows him to assist business owners with their unique financial planning needs. Ryan studied finance at he University of Utah and is an Investment Advisor and wealth strategist with nearly a decade of experience in financial services.

Early in Ryan’s career he worked for a large brokerage firm. Now, as an independent planner, he is able to offer his clients a full range of solutions – and the best solutions, he believes – available in the marketplace.  Working independently, Ryan answers to his clients, not to a company. This allows him to do what’s in his clients’ best interest.

Ryan offers solutions and educates his clients. He believes that education empowers his clients to make informed decisions, and education has become the biggest part of his practice. Ryan likens the role to that of a quarterback. He’s a team member, but not the team leader. When working with Ryan, clients remain involved throughout the entire decision making process. They’re the ones in control.

Ryan’s commitment to education involves not only educating his clients, but educating himself by attending industry training events. He explains that the industry presents constant challenges to financial professionals because it is changing and evolving all the time. Ryan understands that in this industry, if you’re not continuing to learn, you’re falling behind.

 An active outdoorsman, Ryan enjoys snow skiing, backpacking, hiking, and mountain biking. He and his wife have three children and enjoy taking family trips together.

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